Official Statement:

To our loyal Sumburger patrons and friends: It is with great sadness to formally announce the decision to close Bridge Street Sumburger on Sunday, August 2, 2020 at 7pm. Many factors have influenced this decision. Sumburger, along with the entire restaurant industry, has had a difficult time finding enough great employees to help operate the restaurant. Second, the layout (with phones at the tables) does not allow for the mandated social distancing required by the governor because we can not move tables nor do we have space to do so. And finally, the building on Bridge has underserved our needs for years despite all efforts to preserve and renovate. Because of our commitment to quality service and quality dining, we are no longer willing to compromise the Sumburger experience that you have all known and loved because of circumstances beyond our control.

A few years ago, our Western Avenue location was opened because of foresight that the Bridge Street location would eventually become unsustainable. It was our hope that a new building with new technology and a much bigger space would better suit our needs. We have begun to develop loyal patrons on Western, and are happy to continue offering great food to customers there. Covid guidelines, for the safety of our staff and the public, have been implemented to ensure your experience on Western will be a good one.

Finally, we want to offer our deepest gratitude to that loyal supporters of Sumburger. We know you hold us dear to your hearts and for that we are very thankful.

Sumburger on Bridge